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    Work Types

    We are happy to consider a wide range or work for businesses and individuals. Here are some examples of work we do very well:

    • Landscaping
    • Janitorial services
    • Industrial/warehouse work
    • Painting
    • Courier work
    • Construction Cleanup
    • Office Work

    Please give us a call to let us know how we can help.

    Why Hire Through Us?

    Our sister company, Shred Aware, was founded in 2009. Since opening, owner Kyle Visser hired developmentally disabled workers to make up his entire shredding staff. Kyle hired through outside employment agencies similar to Developed Employment Services and as a result, he and his staff have firsthand knowledge of working closely with individuals with disabilities, as well as hiring these individuals. This is what sets Developed Employment Services apart from other employment agencies. We know what it is like to be the employer of individuals with developmental disabilities. We deeply understand the challenges and rewards associated with employing these individuals and as such, we have designed our program to make sure that both the employee and the employer get as much as they possibly can from their relationship, and both feel that the time spent is valuable.

    Job Coaches

    In addition to understanding our employees on a personal level, every individual will arrive daily at their workplace with their Developed Employment Services appointed job coach. The job coach will perform the same job with the employee and supervise them. This customized relationship assures that the employee is comfortable in their job, and that they’re performing the job to the employers standards.

    Other Benefits

    • We provide insurance and worker’s comp for both employees and job coaches
    • Employers may change shift at no consequence
    • Employment of individuals with developmental disabilities provides immesuarable contributions to our local community and businesses
    • We offer the use of our tools, fuel, and other resources at no cost to employer
    • Employers will be asked for regular feedback to better structure the employee’s work and education so it best supports the business and maximizes output

    Becoming an Employer

    If you are interested in becoming an employer or would like more information, please contact our office at 707-443-0600 or

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