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    Who is Eligible?

    Developed Employment Services’ program is designed to best-suit individuals with a developmental disability who are typically categorized as “higher functioning”. Our program is designed to help individuals refine skills and abilities that they may already have and provide them with the support they may need to develop independence. The overall goal for our employees is to assist them until they no longer require our program and can maintain independence and gainful employment.

    The following criteria will be used to determine the appropriateness of a referral to the DES program. Employees must…

    • be at least 18 years of age
    • desire to follow instructions
    • desire to work independently
    • desire to work as part of a team
    • must meet physical and mental requirements of desired job(s)
    • pass a background check and have no history of violence, sexual offenses, or other significant criminal history
    • be self-sufficient in matters of personal hygiene
    • meet all requirements of desired job(s) with reasonable accommodation

    How to Apply

    All interested individuals must apply though their service coordinator at the Redwood Coast Regional Center. Applications will then be referred to Developed Employment Services if they fit the appropriate criteria.

    What to Expect

    New hires into the program will begin by designing their Individual Service Plan (ISP) with the help of our program admin. This ISP will be used to record goals and progress throughout the program and assess the employee’s areas to improve upon. Employees will meet with Developed Employment Services staff regularly to discuss their progress and feelings about the program.

    Employees will be matched with a workplace that is both appropriate for their strengths, and is appealing to the individual. An employee’s aptitude for individual vs group work, physical vs stationary work, technical vs non-technical work, and verbal vs less-vocal tendencies are examples of attributes that aid in determining the direction of vocational training and matching an employee to a suitable job. A regular work schedule will be designed for the employee to give them the amount of hours they desire on the schedule that works best for him or her.

    Employees will be paired with a job coach, who will join them daily at the worksite to supervise and assist them in their progress. This person-centered approach will focus on the maintenance of the employee’s interests, effects of the job on the employee, and factors which keep interests centered directly on the employee. This will contribute to the confidence of the employee to sustain long-term employment upon completion of this program.

    Ideally, employees will “graduate” from the program thus requiring no further assistance from Developed Employment Services. The amount of time this may take will depend on the individual’s personal progress and their comfort. When an employee graduates or leaves for reasons of success, Developed Employment Services will have continued contact if desired and/or required by the individual.

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